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Psylon has a long history of innovation and cutting edge development. The founders of the company strongly believed in fostering a dynamic environment that brought concepts into reality quickly and delivered the highest level of quality and functionality to the consumer. This fusion of technical expertise and original thought has been a hallmark of Psylon development.

Psylon is one of a very few companies that have the resources and know-how to develop and deploy all scales of software projects, web sites and IT infrastructure. The careful selection of each team member ensures that Psylon is as dynamic and innovative as the first day it began development.

Virtual Reality

The roots of the company stretch back to 1992 with early evolution of Virtual Reality and real-time 3D simulation.

This was a time when the founders saw the impact that technology could have on our day to day lives and the potential 3D visualisation had in business. They rapidly developed technology that covered all aspects of the Virtual Reality science, from real-time 3D software to electronics and hardware that powered the systems.

By 1994 they had established one of the leading providers of Virtual Reality technology in Australia and were developing simulators for leading corporations such as Telstra.
Virtual Reality in 1994

High Technology - Cutting edge Virtual Reality software and hardware. The simulation and hardware pictured above was developed in 1994.

The Internet

The release of the LiquidFX suite of web development tools in early 1994 made Psylon one of the very few companies to pioneer the development of authorware in this field.

In the early nineties the founders were also keenly observing the growth of browser technology that was putting a user friendly face on the Internet. Quietly, the Internet began to show its potential by lowering the technical boundary to it's use and at the same time extending the services it offered to the average home user.

It was during this time, 1996, that Psylon was formed. Psylon had a core aim of applying the skills and knowledge learnt during the Virtual Reality phase into this new medium. The team realised early on that the Internet, with it's reduced technical barriers and open possibilities, offered a greater platform to develop and deploy new ideas and technology.

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