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The people who make up the Psylon team are there because they are the best in their field. We seek people to join us who are keen to be a part of the evolution of the IT industry and who want to make their mark in this evolution.

We ensure that each person is highly capable in their field and has a natural drive to succeed at everything they do. Psylon strive to create an environment of growth and achievement, both on a personal and team level.

Our core aim at Psylon is to deliver useful services, software and technology to the average person. We want everyone to have the ability to access, produce and modify information easier than ever before.


Psylon staff have backgrounds in areas as diverse as:
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Architecture, eCommerce
  • Computer and Electronic Development
  • Software Development
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Business Managment

  • With such a wide range of skills and talents to offer, we believe that
    Psylon has the ability to complete any IT development challenge to the very highest degree of competency.

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