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The Forensic Genetic Database (F.G.D.) is a end to end software infrastructure solution that delivers many benefits. It has been developed to overcome the shortcommings of many DNA databases around the world and deliver true streamlining of end to end requirements. Psylon has applied the real world requirements of laboratories, police forces/authorities, security administrators and information officers to a unified system.

The F.G.D. streamlines and accelerate the processes involved in DNA matching with greater efficency and accuracy being delived accross the board.


The system consists of:
  • Large scale DNA database with the ability to expand as more infrastructure comes on-line.
  • Software systems to provide matching and analysis of DNA profiles.
  • Access via multiple means, including, secure internet, stand alone software clients, information provided in mixed modes.
  • Scheduling, reporting and logging of case matching and results.

  • A perfect choice for a national DNA Database

    A national DNA database is a very powerful tool that assists crime investigation and detection. Many police forces around the world have discovered the benefits of this technology.

    As the pool of available DNA profiles increases so too does the detection rate of crimes where DNA evidence is available. In crimes where a DNA profile has been obtained, the rate of crimes detected can increase to as much as 37% (average crime detection can be up to 24%).

    Some countries have found that a database with just 1% of the population profiled can provide a 40% chance that a crime scene sample will be matched immediately with an individual's profile on the database. A national DNA database provides numerous monthly matches linking suspects to murders, rapes and motor vehicle crimes.

    F.G.D. Features

    The Forensic Genetic Database is a fully featured system that can be deployed in a single day. It allows thousands of DNA facilities and government departments to log on and add profiles or respond to matches. The Forensic Genetic Database co-ordinates all the tasks necessary for a professional effective national DNA database. It provides the ability to integrate labs, investigators, accredited institutes and government departments.

    Fight Crime
  • effortless entry of DNA profiles into the Database
  • data storage and tracking of DNA profiles and DNA crime scene evidence
  • establishing identity of profiles from mixed DNA stains
  • access to all authorised departments (wheather network access is available or not) through stand alone software

  • Database Security
  • comprehensive logging of all entered information, data modifications and user interaction
  • customisable security levels provide secure data access to the right people
  • government policy can easily be implemented through the system administration and setup
  • integrated user auditing system to ensure users are correctly authorised on the system

  • Features
  • rapid profile matching using accepted DNA matching algorithms
  • missing or stolen persons identification
  • applications for military DNA profiling, disaster recovery and all forms of identity requirements
  • establish paternity of children
  • advanced statistical engine based on racial and regional origin of each profile
  • DNA match reporting and co-ordinated notification of relevant people

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