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Psylon Life Science provides IT solutions in the field of DNA testing, research and commercialisation. Psylon develops a range of software and infrastructure solutions that include:
  • DNA image processing software.
  • National DNA databases for high volume forensic, relationship and paternity analysis.
  • Infrastructure development for the maintanence of international sales channels in the area of DNA testing.
  • These IT developments streamline and accelerate the processes involved in DNA testing and analysis. The result is greater efficency and accuracy from the science to the commercialisation stages of DNA testing.

    Psylon works closely with companies that are at the cutting edge of Life Sciences and people who see the great human benefits that flow on from this technology. We have invested heavily in the development of software and internet portals that automate many of the tedious processes that normally impede the flow of DNA information.

    Psylon software bridges the gap between DNA testing equipment, results analysis and information dessemination.
    In effect Psylon develops an end to end infrastructure that provides dramatic workflow and accuracy improvements over existing DNA testing methods.

    Some of the software and infrastructure we develop includes:
  • F.G.D. - Forensic Genetic Database
    The F.G.D. has been developed to provide high speed DNA profile matching and relationship analysis. It provides a large scale infrastructure to governments and companies who need to draw DNA profile information from many sources and rapidly discover matches in a pool of DNA information.

  • DNA reseller portal
    An automated system that allows DNA companies to provide testing services to any country and commercial entities who require quick effective results.

  • AutoGel
    This software is focused on rapid DNA image processing and analysis. It uses intelligent processes to isolate and identify genetic information that results from various testing processes.

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