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The DNA Resellers Portal was developed in conjunction with a commercial DNA testing company in order to unify the provision of DNA tests to a global market place.

The system has evolved to meet real world requirements and to overcome problems found in the communication of information between resellers, laboratories and administrators.

The infrastructure solution consists an on-line portal that can be readily accessed by resellers who wish to log a new test. Electronic notification and the test material is delivered to the relevant laboratory. Once the test is performed the reseller is notified and can provide rapid results to the party who has ordered the test. The system allows the tracking and reporting of sales made by a particular market and expands to allow for the addition new resellers and markets.

Economic Benefits
The introduction of the system has provided economic benefits through savings in time and courier costs. Time is saved through the routing of tests to the relevant laboratory and the provision of "at a glance" viewing of the tests that are due for completion, along with the required time frame. As each test progresses through the various stages, it is visible to the relevant reseller exactly what stage of the process a specific test is at. This gives the reseller an ideal interface between themselves and the laboratory. It gives them added assistance when dealing with a customer because they can easily provide an updated time frame for a test result, especially when a test is time critical.

Increased Market Share
Quicker market capitalisation is gained through a readily available system that is expandable to add new markets and resellers. The reseller interface allows the company to add new countries and add the appropriate currency and reseller price for a test. It can also assign diffrent commissions based on the level of sales (break points). This gives a company a quick and efficient way to regulate resellers and add new countries with the core elements being taylored to their local market.

Database Security
  • comprehensive logging of all entered information, data modifications and user interaction
  • customisable security levels provide secure data access to the right people
  • company policy can easily be implemented through the system administration and setup
  • integrated user auditing system to ensure users are correctly authorised on the system

  • Reporting
    Test results can be packaged into a certificate that shows which regions are matching and non-matching. This is generated from the portal once the results are entered into the system. The reports are provided in the local language and associated with the reseller who entered in the test. The savings in time and postage are considerable, even on a modest number of sales.

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